How does it work?

You buy a gift card from Lexi & Carly & Friends.  Use the card to pay for purchases at King Soopers.  The card can be reloaded for any amount up to $500.  You simply give the card to your cashier before your purchases are scanned so the reloading is paid as a separate transaction.  You can also take the card to the Customer Service desk employee when you first enter the store.  You pay for the reload amount by cash, check or credit card.  The can then use the Gift Card to pay for your purchases at any King Soopers at any checkout line.

You can reload again and again.


What’s the catch?

No catch . . . really!  There are no extra costs associated with this program.  This is a way for King Soopers to encourage shoppers to patronize their store and also for them to support to non-profit organizations.

How does Lexi & Carly & Friends earn money?

Every time you reload the card, King Soopers adds that amount to our reward account.  Once the total in any given month reaches $5,000, Lexi & Carly & Friends gets a check for 5% of the total.  It’s that simple.  If we don’t hit $5,000 in that month, the balance rolls forward to the next month and continues accumulating.

How can I purchase my card?

To order your card, please contact Pam Press, Director of Lexi & Carly & Friends at 303-807-8690 .

We will mail your card(s) back to you!  Please write King Soopers Card in the memo section.  Each card is $2.50 (and has $2.50 pre-loaded on it for you to spend).  Remember to get a card for your friends, neighbors, coworkers and extended family members, too!

What can I use the card for?

Use the card for any purchases at King Soopers (with the exception of some services and lottery tickets, stamps, etc.) including gas purchased at either King Soopers or City Market Fuel Centers.

How long is the card good for?

The dollar amount on the card never expires.  However, if your balance goes to zero and you don’t reload it within 90 days, the card becomes inactive.  You would then need to purchase a new card from Lexi & Carly & Friends.  If you reload it after it is inactive, Lexi & Carly & Friends will not get credit for the reloads.

What about other cards sold at King Soopers?

If you buy a reloadable King Soopers gift card directly from King Soopers, Lexi & Carly & Friends does not get credit.  Only the cards sold by Lexi & Carly & Friends are registered to give credit to Lexi & Carly & Friends.