About Us

lcandfriendstogetherLexi & Carly & Friends began as the brainchild of Bryn Galisewski, the founder of Stepping Stone Support Center, and Barbara Ziegler, the Administrator/bookkeeper of Stepping Stone. Their vision was to form a non-profit that would raise funds and provide scholarships to participants of support centers who do not have government funding available. We have expanded the assistance to include other monetary support that support centers and individuals may require in order to operate to their full potential.

lcandfriendsfrombelowWe have been able to provide scholarship money to participants to attend Stepping Stone Support Center while they are waiting for their government assistance ; we have provided funds to an Eagle Scout to build shelving in the pantry of the Food Bank run by participants of Stepping Stone; purchased cash register and credit card machine for the coffee shop run by participants of Stepping Stone Support Center; provided tickets for staff to accompany participants on special occasion field trips; covered the expenses for fund raisers such as Casino Nights and 5K races, and paid entry and participation fees for Unified basketball participants. We want to provide assistance that would make the support center functional, desirable and motivational.